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A Colonoscopy Could Save Your Life - Dr. Wayne Panullo on WTNH

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness month. 140,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year in America. 50,000 of them will die.

The mortality rate does not need to be that high, because of colonoscopies. If you’re of age, have you had yours?

There’s nothing to fear, and it might save your life.

On this edition of “Nyberg,” gastroenterologist, Dr. Wayne Panullo, from Gastroenterology Consultants, discusses the importance of screening and early detection.

“We know that colonoscopy prevents colon cancer, it decreases the risk of cancer by about 70 percent and mortality of up to 50 percent by removing small polyps that are benign that can develop into cancer at a very early stage,” Panullo said.

“So people should not be wary and they should be calling their doctor to get one. Overall in the whole country, about 50 percent are being screened. Only 50. Now, it’s better in Connecticut, it’s about 70 percent. We’re calling for 80 percent. There’s no reason that everybody can’t get screened.”

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