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Stolen Colon Goes Viral: March 2019 is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

“Don’t Assume” because it’s March and you have your dark blue on that you’re now aware. March brings Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness and all of its Gastroenterologists to educate people about colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer risks.

Our own Dr. Myron Brand, is featured in this month’s newspaper by Shore Publishing, sharing a story that went viral last year when a giant inflatable colon prop was stolen. Just like Dr. Brand, this story was able to enhance awareness for the American public about Colo-Rectal Cancer (CRC). The American College of Gastroenterology set the goal last year to have 80 percent of Americans screened for colorectal cancer. Dr. Brand, armed with his scope is taking charge against the number-two cause of cancer deaths among Americans.

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Dr. Myron Brand, Gastroenterologist


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